I’ve been attending the Christian Students Association (CSA) Bible study for 3 years now since my freshman year and it has tremendously helped my Christian life. When I first started attending Bellevue College, I often had many questions about God and the Bible that were never answered. After being invited to the Bible study by some students, the people there were more than happy to listen to all my questions and use verses to clearly explain the answers that helped me a lot. I also appreciated that a lot of the time spent during the study was for student discussion, rather than one person speaking so that everyone had a chance to share. Although many times I didn’t fully understand some of the Bible chapters that we read, the warm, friendly environment made me come back each time. All the people I met in the club were very kind and welcoming, and I was able to make new friends. If you are a student who wants to know more about God and the Bible, I would highly recommend checking out the CSA Bible Study.

— Jerome Shih

“My family moved to the US from Brazil when I was 9. I grew up in a Christian family and went to many different churches growing up. By the end of high school, I didn’t find church youth group activities that fun anymore and preferred to hang out with other friends from school. In the first few years of college I neglected my spiritual life and eventually ended up feeling empty. I prayed for God to help me find other genuine Christians who love God and want to learn more about the Bible. While taking classes at Bellevue College someone told me about the CSA Bible Study. One of the things that attracted me most about the CSA Bible study is that everyone was genuinely loving, and everyone can speak and ask questions. Attending the Bible study helped me more than I could imagine. I saw that God is interested in having an intimate and personal relationship with us and the Bible is like food for our spirit as it nourishes us. I would highly recommend the CSA Bible study to anyone interested in learning more about God and the Bible.”

–Daniel Menezes